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 The CARavan


Chester, the 1960's Vintage

Caravan Bar coming soon!!

Enquire via email or phone

for more information.

Introducing Chester, a 1960’s vintage caravan full of charm and character, which we have converted to a travelling bar. Chester can go wherever you need him, take him to your wedding venue, on the beach, in a paddock, or even in your yard. Just bring your drinks and we'll help you craft a personalised service for you and your guests.


Chester the caravan hosts beer taps if you'd like to bring a keg, and ice buckets for bottled beer, sparkling wine, and white wine. We can also tailor a drinks menu, including cocktails, to suit your taste. Our amazing staff can take care of all your service needs to ensure an easy going evening, one to enjoy and remember.

We provide:

  • 2 - 5 bar/wait staff

  • glassware for up to 100 guests

  • self serve water

  • Optional furniture packages

  • Optional lawn games

  • Display drinks menus

  • Delivery, setup, and pack up

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