Robust - creates an authentic homely feel for your wedding.

 natural - rustic, handmade, handcrafted, timber, grain, authentic


Authentic heavy furniture means it is inconvenient to move and setup, we do this all for you.

Operating throughout The Great Lakes area we can transform any space, whether it be an empty hall, a vineyard, a house, a beach, the lakeside, a paddock, a barn or a backyard our furniture, 

Perfect style for both natural settings and formal interior settings.

Second thoughts

Too expensive? - our products are hand made from recycled materials and although this reduces costs we are in a market that can't compete with cheap labour economies producing inferior but similar products that are often used at weddings. Our prices reflect the real value of the time and effort required to do things the environmentally conscious way.

Close but not quite my style? - Contact us directly to discuss your vision and let us work with you to produce it. 

Environmental sustainability.

Sustainable practice is important to us

We do everything we can to uphold eco-friendly practices

Doing our part and making it easier for you to do yours. 

Nothing we provide is disposable.

very piece has either been created from recycled materials or repurposed from discarded goods headed for landfill.

Chauffeur Service

Tailored perfect schedule, many packages to suit every idea and price range, local knowledge lets us provide a range of beautiful stops for photos and flexibility on the day, safe efficient, personal and professional service


Core Collection- $640

- 3 Large low rustic timber coffee tables

- 6 Boho rugs

- 30 Ground cushions

- Delivery, setup, packdown

Luxe Collection- $640

- 3 Large low rustic timber coffee tables

- 6 Boho rugs

- 30 Ground cushions

- Delivery, setup, packdown

Individual item prices:


Wine barrels $45 (10 available)

Bar stools $10 (40 available)

Coffee table with bench seat arrangement $70 (6 available)

Chaise lounge $140

Chesterfield lounge $90

Chesterfield armchair $60

Large rustic coffee table $40

Rustic wagon wheeled display cart $110 (2 available)

Assorted timber dining chairs $8 (20 available)

Banquet dining tables (available for some dates)

Large rustic timber arbor $120

Larfe rustic bench seats - 2m long $40 (8 available)

Doorframe photo display $20 

Rustic picture framed chalk board on easle $30

Assorted timber planter boxes $10 each


Note: These prices do not include delivery

Browse through our stock, or contact us today, and discover the range of furniture and props we provide to make your event stylish, comfortable, and ultimately the beautiful occasion it can be.


Tel: 0402 606 964

Email: alex@martinandko.com.au

Pacific Palms,

NSW, 2428

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