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Your environmentally friendly wedding

In a world of melting ice caps, bleached coral reefs and mass pollution most of us are becoming increasingly environmentally aware and making more environmentally conscious decisions. We recycle and reduce our waste, we use water saving devices and we chastise those who don't.

However, there is still a lot to do and much room for improvement in our daily lives. Our celebrations, parties and weddings is an area I know well and wow, there is room for improvement. Your first thought is probably "yeah I know, plastic plates, cups, and cutlery", but the problems go much deeper.

Every culture needs to enjoy their celebrations and by simply informing yourself you can make yours both fantastic and environmentally conscious


Mass produced furniture


tie the knot under the sun rather than 120 volt light bulbs. on the beach. at a vineyard, on the lake

invites and dates

steer clear of paper. qt least stqndard paper. not only are they expensive but all that paper. ink. printing, transport adds up to have an environmental cost as well. many people use email invites

if your heart is set on tqngible invites and you want to be sure to reach all the oldies without having too many long phonecalls use recycled paper. vegetable based inks

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