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Winter Weddings in the Great Lakes and why you should think about it

Wedding Ceremony package by Martin & Ko Wallis Lake, Pacific Palms

For those of us who look forward to our wedding day, we see it a certain way. We see friends and family laughing and celebrating with us, we see good food and drink, and we see, and hope for, a beautiful day to bring it all together.

This beautiful day often consists of a blue sky summer or spring day, and definitely no rain. As it turns out, the association between those things is an unfounded one and as you'll see Winter and Autumn are a great alternate time.

Great waves - Autumn and winter produce large low pressure systems of the east coast of Australia producing consistent and sizeable swells and offshore winds. These conditions amount to the best waves we see each year. Check out the many breaks Pacific Palms, Forster and Seal Rocks has to offer and whether you are watching the locals tear it up, enjoying the massive waves or having a go yourself, you won't be disappointed.

Just as picturesque - contrary to what you might think, the months which receive the least number of rainy days are June, July, August and September, according to This means, you're more likely to get rained on at your so-called bright summer wedding and more likely to get a clear day at your winter wedding. The winds are also lighter during winter and the sun is less glarey providing much better conditions for good photos.

Everything is cheaper - wedding venue, accommodation

In autumn the water is warmer than in summer.

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